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Defender Class Starship, Part 4

The starship Defender is now finished and ready to go to its maiden voyage.
Just for fun, I also created the Mirror Universe version of the ship. For its symbols, I used the Terran Empire symbol from the Star Trek: TNG – Mirror Broken comic series.

Federation version

Terran Empire version


Defender Class Starship, Part 3

I finished the aztec hull pattern of the Defender. I also added/changed some minor details of the ship – addition of the ship’s name and registry on the aft “sensorpod”, addition of a glow effect to the sensor dome & I changed the alignment of the bridge window section – the “walls” are now more closley to the window.


Defender Class Starship, Part 2

In the last few days I put some color to the Defender. The major part of the ship schould be done by now. All what is left is some shading and the aztec pattern to the hull, for a more cooler look.


Defender Class Starship, Part 1

The ship’s overall design is based on the Shepard class “U.S.S. Gagarin” from Star Trek: Discovery. Since I saw the ship for the first time on screen, it was – for me – one of the most likeable designs of all the different Starfleet vessels. Even if the look would have fitted more in the 24th century era.
So I took the Gagarin and designed my own late 24th/early 25th century Starfleet ship. The basic layout is almost the same as the Shepard class. I also added some details from other ships – e.g.: Sovereign class escape pods & saucer impulse drive sections, Miranda class sensor elements and the hull plating is based on the Akira class.


Star Wars Rank Insignia

Some new rank insignia from the Star Wars universe.




169th Attack Battalion Trooper – Concept Art

This is the concept art for the generic Phase I clone troopers of the “169th Attack Battalion” for my Star Wars: Destiny comic project.

Clone Trooper (169th Attack Battalion)

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Star Wars: Armada – Custom Ships, Part 1

In addition to my custom fighter squadrons, I now finished the repaints of my imperial capital ships. I gave them all a black color theme, to mark the ships as members of the same fleet. I also added some windows to the ships, to make them more “alive”.

Imperial Custom Fleet

Arquitens-Class Cruiser (Version I)

Arquitens-Class Cruiser (Black Clone Wars Paint Scheme)

Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer

Imperial-Class Star Destroyer

Interdictor-Class Cruiser

Raider-Class Corvette

Victory-Class Star Destroyer (I)

Victory-Class Star Destroyer (II)

BSG Shipyard, Part 1

After I found one of my old drawings of a shipyard from Battlestar Galactica, I decided to redesign it. This time I try to give it a more unique look, because my first version was nothing more than the “Scporion Shipyard” (seen in Battlestar Galactica: Razor) in another arrangement.
To get a feel for the scale of the shipyard, I first created the different ships that I will use.

This size chart is now the first step to my new shipyard.

From top to bottom: Battlestar – Mercury Class, Battlestar – Jupiter Class (fully armored), Battlestar – Jupiter Class (Galactica type), Battlestar – Nova Class (original Battlestar Galactica), Light Battlestar – Valkyrie Class, Cruiser – Berzerk Class, Cruiser – Defender Class, Tylium Freighter, Pocket Battlestar – Orion Class & Passenger Liner.

BX Commando Droid & Havranh Vibrosword – Concept Art

I created some new designs for my Star Wars: Destiny comic project. As reinforcements for the Havranh villain, I designed the BX Commando Droid.
I tried to give the BX droid a less cartoony look, so I merged elements from the BX droid and the B1 Battle Droid.
The Droid’s color scheme follows the same design elements that I have used for the B1 droid.



I used the sword of Sentinel Prime from Transformers: Dark Of The Moon as a template for the Havranh vibrosword. To make it recognizable as a Havranh weapon, I used some design element from the Havranh blaster (like the Havranh symbols and the screws).


B1 Battle Droid – Concept Art

I finished new concept arts for my Star Wars: Destiny comic project. This time I designed some variations of a B1 Battle Droid, which might be used for the villain as additional troops.
Because of the, mostly, gray colors I used for havranh designs, I also kept this droid designs in darker colors. Only for the markings of the different departments (like commander, security droids and pilots) I tried to use the same colors as seen in the movies. I also added a simplified Havranh symbol to the chest of the droids to mark them as Havranh units.


Infantry Droid

Security Droid

Pilot Droid

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