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Defender Class Starship, Part 8

It took me quite a while to finish the line art for the ventral view of my Defender class starship. As I did whith the dorsal view of this ship, I also incorporated some minor details from other Starfleet ship classes – mostly from my favorite Sovereign class.



Defender Class Starship, Part 7

After I didn’t watched my Defender-Class in quite a while, I’m now a bit disappointed to the look of the Bussard collectors. So I decided to redesign them.
Since the ship’s overall look is based on the Shepard-class, I gave the ship its original bussard collectors.
This new look might not fit well to the 24th century, but I am very pleased with the result of the redesigned Bussard collectors.

Updated Defender-Class Starship

Bussard Collectors Comparison

Star Wars Day 2018

Happy Star Wars Day to everyone.
With the upcomming Solo: A Star Wars Story movie, I created for this years anniversary a stylized verson of the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo.

Star Wars Day 2018


This character sheet is based on a design of Revan by DeviantArt user avenger09.
I just changed/added some minor details, like the pockets.

This is what my version is based of.


Defender Class Starship, Part 6

Like every good Starfleet ship, the Defender gets her own dedication plaque.
Because I used an older 23rd century design for the ship’s overall look, I did the same for the dedication plaque. Therefore the Defender’s dedication plaque is based on those as seen in Star Trek: Discovery.


Defender Class Starship, Part 5

Just for fun I designed a LCARS system illustration for the Defender-Class, which contains some background information about the ship.


These are the Defender-Class development patch from the prime and mirror universe.
The patch for the mirror universe is inspired by the mirror universe symbol seen in Star Trek: Discovery.

Development Patch – Prime Universe

Development Patch – Mirror Universe

Please note, there are some updates in the Star Trek Gallery.

Defender Class Starship, Part 4

The starship Defender is now finished and ready to go to its maiden voyage.
Just for fun, I also created the Mirror Universe version of the ship. For its symbols, I used the Terran Empire symbol from the Star Trek: TNG – Mirror Broken comic series.

Federation version

Terran Empire version

Defender Class Starship, Part 3

I finished the aztec hull pattern of the Defender. I also added/changed some minor details of the ship – addition of the ship’s name and registry on the aft “sensorpod”, addition of a glow effect to the sensor dome & I changed the alignment of the bridge window section – the “walls” are now more closley to the window.


Defender Class Starship, Part 2

In the last few days I put some color to the Defender. The major part of the ship schould be done by now. All what is left is some shading and the aztec pattern to the hull, for a more cooler look.


Defender Class Starship, Part 1

The ship’s overall design is based on the Shepard class “U.S.S. Gagarin” from Star Trek: Discovery. Since I saw the ship for the first time on screen, it was – for me – one of the most likeable designs of all the different Starfleet vessels. Even if the look would have fitted more in the 24th century era.
So I took the Gagarin and designed my own late 24th/early 25th century Starfleet ship. The basic layout is almost the same as the Shepard class. I also added some details from other ships – e.g.: Sovereign class escape pods & saucer impulse drive sections, Miranda class sensor elements and the hull plating is based on the Akira class.