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Havranh Alphabet


Although I’m not nearly as far with my comic, I’ve still developed the alphabet for the species of the main villain. Okay, now I’ve revealed this villain will be a Havranh, but his look remains my secret, because there’s no official species with that name. Anyway… back to topic.

The Havranh alphabet is a mixture of Romulan and Reman characters (from Star Trek), which I’ve re-arranged for my purposes. It was my goal to develop a unique font whith a similarity to the Romulan and Reman characters, but it also should have its own look.

Havranh Alphabet

As basic elements I’ve used a rectangle with an x-shaped pattern on one of the sides and a vertical midline. On the other side, I’ve usually used a Romulan symbol that could fit best to the letter or number. For a more unique look, I’ve also used smaller lines, dots and semi-circles.


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