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Rihanh Alphabet


Since the Rihanh Jedi in my comic has the appearance of a Romulan (known from Star Trek), also the alphabet of his species is based on the appearance of Romulan characters. I am still not sure where and how I will use these alphabet, but I wanted to use the oppurtunities to create it.
I have used very little original Romulan characters, because I wanted to create something unique – which still has a Romulan touch. The entire alphabet is basically composed of 11 different characters, which I modified for their particular purpose.
In order to remain faithful to the original, I will try to maintain the existing Romulan vocabulary for the use of this alphabet.

Rihanh Alphabet


From → Concept Art, Destiny

  1. This is amazing work on the Romulan script! Have you ever considered making this into an usable font?

    • Actually I did not – could be because I have no idea how to convert such characters in a font.

      It would probably look nice as an usable font, but because it’s a modification of the Romulan letters, it wouldn’t represent a “real” Romulan alphabet.

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