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YT-1930 Light Freighter, Part 9


Since the last post almost a month has now passed. The past few weeks I have of course used to finish the interior of the Outland Rebel.
First of all I have added some missing shades. Furthermore, I have added two more escape pods to the ship and increased the text boxes a little. After all the minor changes I then worked on the ship’s cargo bays. There are now a lot of cargo containers, a freight elevator and an atmospheric containment shield generator. On the left side of each cargo bay is a brig – even prisoners find a quiet spot on the Rebel.
Since the vacant space between the engine room and the cargo bays still offered a little space, I added to this place a minelayer, loaded with seismic charges (known from Star Wars: Episode II).

After almost two months of hard work, it is finally done. Soon I will start with the external look of the ship….

YT-1930 (Floor Plan - 9)

Check out the Star Wars gallery for the complete illustration.
There are two different versions of the ship’s floor plan – a general overview, and another with her layout features. There is also a little “surprise” in the cargo bays of the ship.


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