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Star Wars: Armada – Custom Squadron, Part 5


For now, I have finished all of my fighter squadrons for Star Wars: Armada.
The Rogues and Villains Expansion brought some more squadrons for both factions, the Empire and the Rebels. For the Empire I have painted IG-88’s IG-2000 (Aggressor Assault Fighter), Boba Fett’s Slave I (Firespray-31), Dengar’s Punishing One (JumpMaster 5000) and Bossk’s Hound’s Tooth (YV-666).
For the Rebels I have painted Jan Ors’s Moldy Crow (HWK-290), Nym’s Havoc (Scurrg H-6), Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon (YT-1300) and Dash Rendar’s Outrider (YT-2400).

Imperial sqaudrons (from left to right): Aggressor Assault Fighter, Firespray-31, JumpMaster 5000, YV-666.

Rebel squadrons (from left to right): HWK-290, Scurrg H-6, YT-1300 and YT-2400.


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