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Rihanh & Havranh Rank Insignia


I have created the rank insignia for the Rihanh and Havranh military, because this was something that was running through my head in the last few days.

Like my other concepts for the Rihanh I was inspired by the Romulan Empire from Star Trek. Because I wanted to keep the rank system as close as possible to the original, I have used the rank names and the rank insignia from the Romulans – with a few modifications, of course. The Romulan influence is especially obvious within the navy ranks.
I also wanted that the Havranh rank system shares some similarities with the Rihanh system. Due to the more warrior class society of the Havranh people, I oriented myself more to the Klingons. The result is now a mixture of the Romulan and Klingon rank system. Like the other Havranh designs, I used the x-shape basic form to create their rank insignia.

Rihanh Rank Insignia

Havranh Rank Insignia

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