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About Me

My name is Alex and I’m from Germany.

Since my childhood I love it to draw, and even then it was mostly fanarts. Why fanarts? Well it’s easy – I’m a SciFi-junky, since my early days. This enthusiasm is also in my drawings. Whether the ships, or the many different characters, I try at all.
Even as a young boy I had tried to draw the ships of my heroes. Later I tried to tell my own stories in comics. At the age of 10 I began to draw my first comics. One of my first works at this time included numerous short stories of Transformers.
Although I’ve tried myself in other things as well, but spaceships, aliens and co are still my favorites – that’s why fanarts are probably still my thing.

With this blog, I’ve created my own little spot on the “World Wide Web” to present my own projects. Here I’ve now – in addition to toonsUp – the opportunity to share my drawings, illustrations, and perhaps one or the other comic. From time to time I’ll post some step by step tutorials, to show how I created my (fan)arts.

Hope you enjoy…


  1. Hi Valdore,
    I got together a small community of roleplayers in Prague, Czech Republic and we play mostly fantasy for a couple of years now. I created a bunch of maps for our fantasy campaigns. Now we are in the beginning of our first scifi campaign. I would like to exchange some ideas/resources with you. Would you write me on ? I have something that may come in handy to you for your interiour designs 😉



  2. Hi, I’m back. This time with a suggestion/idea for ya if ya got spare time and can’t think of anything to draw or would like something slightly different. Although this is probably also half request

    Star Wars YT-1930 Light Freighter Transport

    Info Page


    View Type 1

    View Type 2

    And as a modifications you maybe add doors on the outside of the cargo bays to get a star fighter in on each side. Which would probably cut cargo space in half. But don’t care it’s a multifunctional ship. And a secondary gun set on the underside to match up with the first.

    Sorry if this rude or wrong to of done. But I thought you might get a kick out of the idea and it is a suggestion/idea more then request (but it would be cool to see this ship in your style) so it doesn’t have to be done. Just thought I’d drive that home. Okay I’m done now. Bye.

    • Sounds interesting.
      Your suggestion I take on gladly, and because I have not designed an interior of a ship for a long time, I will start with this.
      Thanks for your request. 🙂

  3. Would it be alright if I colored up your linearts of the Delta 7B Starfighter and Eta 2 Starfighter? and posted them to Deviantart with appropriate credit?

    Delta 7B

    Eta 2

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