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Varro – Geonosis Outfit

This is the outfit that the main antagonist of my Star Wars: Destiny comics will wear in the first issue.
Most parts of Varro’s outfit are sourced from an older costume design, but I kept the overall look simpler.


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Havranh Blaster – Concept Art

I have created some new stuff for my Star Wars: Destiny comic project – a blaster rifle and a side arm for the Havranh military.
For this weapons I used the H&K G36 rifle as a template and modified it for my own purpose. I also added some Havranh specific symbols. For the pistol I used the same overall look as I did for the rifle.




Starship Enterprise

Actually I wanted to have the various vessels named Enterprise in a size comparison. Finally, I have created from the planned size comparison this illustration.

Starship Enterprise

Starfleet Insignia

For the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and because of the theatrical release of “Star Trek Beyond”, I have created some Starleet insignia with a mix of the Original Series and its latest movie appearance. I have also created each insignia with its matching uniform color.

Starfleet Insignia (Command)

Starfleet Insignia (Science)

Starfleet Insignia (Operations)

Galactic Empire Rank Insignia

After I have created the rank insignia of the Rihanh and Havranh for my Star Wars: Destiny comic, I started to create the rank system for the Galactic Empire, because that is something I wanted to do a long time ago….
For my research to create a screen accurate representation of the imperial ranks, I used the book “Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare” and the Star Wars wiki “Wookieepedia”. Because of the differences between the ranks shown in Episode IV and Episode V, I decided to use the rank insignia of the imperial forces of Episode V.

This ranking system probably does not show all ranks of the Empire, but the most important should be included – in my opinion.

Imperial Rank Insignia

YT-1930 Light Freighter, Part 15

After a long time, I have finaly completed the external view of my YT-1930 freighter.
Now the Outland Rebel is ready to rebel against the imperial forces.


For those of you who want color their own YT-1930 freighter, I provide you my Outland Rebel outlines with a white background.


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May the 4th be with you

Hi everyone, I wish you all a happy Star Wars Day….

may the force be with you…. always 🙂

YT-1930 Light Freighter, Part 14

The ship’s outline are now finished.
Among the latest things I have added to the Outland Rebel are the hull plating to the cargo bay sections, the ships’s engines, heat exhaust vents, jamming devices and some more minor details. I have also revised the upper hatch on the left docking tube.

Now that the overall look of the vessel is completed, I can begin to color the ship.


Rihanh & Havranh Rank Insignia

I have created the rank insignia for the Rihanh and Havranh military, because this was something that was running through my head in the last few days.

Like my other concepts for the Rihanh I was inspired by the Romulan Empire from Star Trek. Because I wanted to keep the rank system as close as possible to the original, I have used the rank names and the rank insignia from the Romulans – with a few modifications, of course. The Romulan influence is especially obvious within the navy ranks.
I also wanted that the Havranh rank system shares some similarities with the Rihanh system. Due to the more warrior class society of the Havranh people, I oriented myself more to the Klingons. The result is now a mixture of the Romulan and Klingon rank system. Like the other Havranh designs, I used the x-shape basic form to create their rank insignia.

Rihanh Rank Insignia

Havranh Rank Insignia

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YT-1930 Light Freighter, Part 13

Slowly but surely the Outland Rebel takes shape.
Among the latest things I have added to the ship are the airlock details, the dorsal turret and its surrounding details, and some additions to the aft hull plating. I Have also worked on the ship’s engines – at the moment more on their shapes than their details.
The Turret I gave the ship was inspired by the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, because I wanted that this ship has a more unique and much modified touch. So I ended up with this turret and not the “standard” ones the Falcon is equipped with.